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My Autobiography

“Painting is a mirror where an artist’s thought can be display in image form.”

-Quoted by Sancha Bir Subba.

My Autobiography as an Artist, a Software Developer and a Poet.

Sancha Bir Subba, born in 12th Jan. 1991 at my native placeDaring, South Sikkim, IndiaMy father Nar Bir Subba and motherNaina Maya Subba, both are farmers. My total family members are seven, out of seven; two are parents, three are brothers and two sisters.  I’m the eldest son.

About me as an Artist along with educational Details;
When I was at the age of six years, I think it was on 1997, my father admitted me in class pre or nursery at Govt. primary School, Daring. At class-I, I had repeated because I had not given the exam on one subject, but the subject I couldn’t recalled it. I know when I was in class II; I used to draw on my subject copy that the pictures were imitated from the text books. And I merely used a pencil for drawing and I was unaware of drawing colours. In class-III, I was awakened about the colours and drawing copy by few teachers. Sketch pens, pencil colours and wax colours were used. Animals, plants, houses, sketch of environment, furniture etc. were drawn or sketched up to class-V. There my drawings were appreciated by the students and teachers.  In class-V, I was rewarded with colours, pencil and a drawing copy in 2004.

And I was transferred to Bermiok Tokal Sr. Sec. School in class-VI in 2005. In the beginning, the students, teachers were unknown about my painting. Slowly, I was becoming popular through the drawing towards them. But still I used the sketch pens, pencil colours and I used to draw on Chat paper and drawing copy only. In class-VI I had got the chance to participate on sit and draw competition in district level at Namchi. But my parents were denied to send me in the competition. And I missed the opportunity. The drawings were used as a craft for SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work).

In class-IX (2008), I got a chance to participate in the painting competition at Sikkim Academy, I had gone there with a teacher but I don't have water or any liquid colours except the sketch pens, pencils, eraser etc. I had practised the art of Guru Rumphuchey but the sketch pens couldn't sketch well and I can't get any position except the certificate. But that was my turning point, where I could lightly interact with few artists, I got some notion about the painting. In the same year, in the school I was given a chance by B.R. Sir to paint a Banner with Rs.100 only. That was the first time which I began to earn through the painting.

          After that many wall paintings and quotations were painted on the wall of the school, some famous paintings are Red Panda, Dandi March, Solar System, Jakri Falls, Political Map of India, Saraswati Mata, The School (Bermiok Tokal), Yumthang Valley, Mt. Kanchandzonga and many more which are still found in the School.

I used to paint the arts especially in holidays, I was alone in the school while painting and sometime, few peoples came there and they watched the painting, talked to me. Even during school hour, I used to do painting in the wall of the school.

Unfortunately, I couldn't attend any art college or diploma training on painting due to financial crisis. Many people suggested me that painting should be taken as profession and they frequently tell me that you need to do art training.

       Now, even though I can say proudly I'm also an emerging artist from my native place. I've been taking this painting as a part time career in my student life since 2008. I'm influenced by painting at my villages and its surroundings.

About my painting competition and rewards are as under;
(1) In 2008, I had participated at Sikkim Academy 5th State level painting competition.  I haven’t got any position in the competition but I got a certificate.
(2)  I'd participated on Sikkim University but I only reached final round and simply there was a certificate, which I denied to receive it.
(3) In 2012, I was rewarded with cash Rs. 1000/- and Certificate too on the auspicious day of Independence Day Celebration at Bermiok Tokal Sr. Sec. School, S. Sikkim.
(4) In 2012, I have gifted a painting of Guru Rumphuchey to our hon’ble CM, Pawan Chamling while he was visiting the School. He has rewarded me with cash Rs. 5000/- only.
(5) I'd also participated through Sanskar Bharati Sastha on Northeast painting competition of 1100 metres long at Guwahati in December 2011. There was I stood first position from Sikkim where I met Mukhesh Khenna. And I was awarded with a book and certificate.
(6) Till now, two times I have received the certificates from Sanskar Bharati Sastha for the invigilator of their painting competition.

About my painting exhibition;
 (1) It was first time that I'd taken self-painting exhibition on 15th August 2011, independence day Celebration at Bermiok Tokal Sr. Sec. School, S. Sikkim where I was rewarded with cash Rupees 1000 only. And there I'd sold some painting also.
 (2) I'd merely participated on the occasion of College feast at Sikkim Govt. College, Tadong, Gangtok where I was rewarded with 3rd position along with certificate in April 2013.

Painting as a part time career in my student life since 2008;
Some contractors, shop keepers, surrounding schools, Church propagators, Primary Health Centre and others used to call me to paint Sign Boards, Banners, wall painting, and other such activity. Occasionally, I used to earn up to Rs. 1000/- per day. But Rs. 200 to 500 per day as usual; it is done only few days in a month/depending on the Government holidays.

In 2012, I had joined as an art teacher at Mount Olives Academy, Bermiok Daring. But I worked there only one year, I was pursuing college and I could not managed the time for teaching and I used to stay very far from the home as well as the school, so, I leaved the job.

At present, I'm specialist in any portrait of grandfather, grandmother, man and woman, girls and boys, cloth painting, landscape, wall painting, boards, numbering, banners etc. But all the paintings are done as a part time job. However, still I haven't joined on painting training.

Interview on Radio about me;
          On 09/12/2014, I was called to give my interview about me as an artist at All India Radio, Gangtok, Sikkim. The record was of 20 minutes only which was released on AIR after two-three days of the recording. This is my first personal interview on Radio. There I’ve gifted a small painting of Blue Joy (bird) to the Director. He appreciated my paintings.

About my higher education;
a)     Class XII: I’ve passed my class XII from Bermiok Tokal Sr. Sec. School, S. Sikkim in 2012 with 70.16% which I have opted my main subject as IT (Information Technology).
b)    College (Graduation): I’ve completed my graduation (BA) on Limboo Language (honours) from Sikkim Govt. College, Tadong, Gangtok in 2015 with grade A-.
Due to financial crisis I couldn’t go for further study. In the coming days, I’ve plan to pursue M.A. in Education. But currently, I’m at home without a job.

About me as a Software Developer;
          You can call me as a software engineer. But I’m a beginner in the field of software programs. Even though I’ve good knowledge on VB.Net programming and HTML. And I’ve basic knowledge on Android programming. Actually, I’m not a professional software developer but it is my passion to be a software developer. Being an IT student in class XI and XII, I’m excellent in VB coding. But my economic problems snatched me from the software engineer that I could not go for further study on IT field. Luckily, I got a Lenovo Laptop from Govt. of Sikkim in 2013 which helps me to recall what I’ve learnt about software programming along with Ms-office, Photoshop, Corel draw etc. And I’m learning about software programs through online tutorial. You know, I’m crazy about internet; I like to make own website, blog etc. My many dreams are unfulfilled till now.
Typing Speed;
a)     English: 35-41 w/m
b)    Nepali: 10-15 w/m
c)     Limbu: 25-30 w/m

About me as a Poet;
          You can remember me as a poet that I can scrawl a poem in English and Limbu. Usually, I used to compose a poem when I become alone, sad, solitary, tension, frustration and in such situation. My all poems are of real life, natural beauty, emotion, real incident, personification etc. Most of the poems are published on my blog “My Poetry” and “Yakthung Sappakwa.” To scrawl a poem in not profession but it is my hobby only. 

Further details are available at the following address;
Contact: +91 77978 81189, +91 98005 83547


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