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Here, total four blogs namely; 1. Sanchabir Software Production, 2. My Poetry, 3. Yakthung Sappakwa, 4. Name of Trees. All these blogs are inter-related but you get each blog has different articles and purposes.

1   1. Sanchabir Software Production:
       This blog is all about software products but the softwares are not prepared for commercial purpose. Presently, you can get Limboo Fonts, English Fonts and Trilingual Limboo Dictionary at free of cost for your personal computer only. For smartphones, the Limboo fonts and dictionary are under programming, it may be release in 2015-2016. The Limboo Dictionary is a trial only but its pro-version is coming soon. Its link:

     2. My Poetry:
                     In this blog, you can read the poems which is written by me. All the poems are composed by myself and the theme of the poems are almost related to my real life. I love to share my emotion and imagination to all. You know, whenever I become alone and silent there or if somebody hurt me or when I’m in depress or in tension, always I used to be alone and in a diary, I used to scrawl a poem. Its link:

      3. Yakthung Sappakwa:
         This blog is for Limboo peoples only those who can read and write in Limboo language. All the contents are only available in Limboo Scripts only. The contents are of Term paper, projects, Limboo articles, Limboo poems, stories, history and many more. Presently, this blog is in under construction and it has occurred a problem in setting up of Limboo font. But don’t worry about it, I’ll solve the problems soon. From this blog you can download Limboo articles in pdf but all the contents are not for commercial use, it is only for personal use. Its link:

      4. Name of Trees:
        This blog is designed for the translation of Limboo-Nepali-English that name of Trees, Birds, animals etc. Presently, only Name of Trees in Limbo-English-Nepali are published but other are under typing. I could not say this blog would be enough for you but it will help you in somewhat to get the name of trees, birds and animals. Its link:

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